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A Wikia for the best selling Left Behind: The Kids book series by Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry! This wikia is for the series of books published between 1998 and 2004 by Tyndale House publishers, based on the Tribulation series Left Behind written for adults.

This wikia does contain spoilers for plot points, so please proceed with caution! 

This wikia was established on 28 October 2014, following poor editorial on the main wikiapedia page. As such, these wikia is still being established and will hopefully be fully set up by December 2014. The main intention is to turn this wikia into the primary location for in-universe and real world information pertaining to the series, whereas the main page on wikipedia will be just for real world information and impact. 

Update 29/10/2014: 5/40 books added, more pages to come everyday. If you want to help improve this wiki, please message us!

Update 01/11/2014: 15/40 books added. Aim to have all 40 added by 05/11/2014.

Of course anyone can edit this wikia, but before you add a page, please leave a message on Leftbehindthekids's message wall. Note that there are set infoboxes for book information, audiobook information, character information and real world bios. Please ask if you are unsure as to any of these. DO NOT revert any edits made by Leftbehindthekids or any other admins unless the page formatting has been destroyed.

The Vanishings Book

Cover of The Vanishings

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